Getting to know | Jobalin


It only took 3 breath-taking and talented artists for this gypsy jazz band to quickly make heads turn! From well-known tunes to some of their own compositions, this band is all about making you discover music from another perspective – theirs – all at the same time adding a very merry rhythm to each one of them which you will probably very much fall in love with! “Old but gold” as the famous proverb says it all, they will bring you to relive some of your deepest memories, highly seasoned with sweet delicious warm feelings! Meet JOBALIN!

| Hello guys, so tell our followers a bit about you! Who is JOBALIN?

JOBALIN is a Jazz Manouche trio made up of a Violinist, Noel Malabar but mostly known as Babi, an acoustic guitarist, Linsay Atisse and myself Jocelyn Cartier, an accordionist.

| Why JOBALIN, as a name? What does it stand for?

Jocelyn, Babi and Linsay, hence why the name JO-BA-LIN!

| How did you develop your own style of music? Can you tell us a bit more about the genre in itself?

We have mainly been influenced by Django’s – he was the first to introduce the Gypsy Jazz genre – and Grapelli’s style

| Could you explain to our readers the definition of “Jazz Manouche” or better known as “Gypsy Jazz”?

It’s a very festive and rhythmic style of music which produces an amazingly joyous and vibrant ambiance to those listening to it – especially when it’s played live!

| When and how did the idea of Jobalin came up?

The idea came up about ten months ago or so during a meeting at KABANN! Since then, we kept working on it and here we are today performing for people and having our own concert!

| What or who pushed you in becoming a gypsy jazz band? Any main musical influences, favorite artists or bands?

We have always been very much attracted to, hence why we loved it so much, the Gypsy Jazz genre of music! And since a while ago now, the 3 of us have been listening to French artists like Marcel Azzola, Richard Galliano, amongst others, having been and still being the case, great influencers and inspirations to us, when creating and coming up with new compositions sometimes.

| Could you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with Kabann? When did it start, how, etc.?

I was the first to join the KABANN team, followed by Linsay, 2 years ago, and Jocelyn who joined us very recently, 10 months ago or so, and JOBALIN was thus born.

| What would your dream collaboration be locally and internationally speaking?

Our dream as a band would be to play with or feature other artists, thus promoting the genre, as we can adapt ourselves very well and very quickly to be honest. It’s all about letting the music and rhythms take the lead!

| What can we expect from a Jobalin live show?

As mentioned previously, a more than good vibrant energy on some merry rhythmic music!

| “Music is a universal language!” Being one of the most unique gypsy jazz bands in Mauritius, what audience do you target while playing?

Well…mostly Jazz lovers; especially those who know about the Manouche genre!

| Do you think your music could reach out to the millennials out there?

Of course! Why not? We play for the people. So, the more the merrier!

| What’s your actual local favorite venue to play in?

We currently very much love the ambiance the Riu Hotel has to offer us.

| And if you were given the chance to perform in one of your dream venues, from around the world, which one would you pick and why?

Maybe in France where it all started. But we do have high hopes that one day we will have the chance to be able to represent Mauritius at a Jazz Festival.

| Apart from music of course, do you have any other hobbies maybe?

Sports to keep our bodies alert and Arts to keep our minds fit – and probably because we just simply, love it!

| There are many groups, young talents, duos, bands out there who would love to be in your shoes. What would be your message to them?

There is no secret to success. If you want something badly, work as hard as you can for it! Practice makes perfect – on a daily basis! It’s really satisfying when you reach your goal.

If you love what you do, you won’t find it boring a second. So get at it and keep pushing forward!

| Any last words you’d like to share with our readers before signing off?

Believe in what you do!


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Getting to know | AnneGa

Anne Ga piano1.jpg

A voice to be remembered in all it’s purity and simplicity, her name is ANNEGA! Born from sweet rhythms with a pinch of symphonies which made our very souls reverberate with happiness, ANNEGA is the core description of an artist who lives for her music and who puts it as a whole to the center of the life, her being! Today, the Kabann team, has had the immense pleasure to have her share a moment with us, which turned out to be just, in one word, deep! From her story to her wisdom, see positive energies and vibes as well as her never-ending genuineness, we were very much blown away by this young woman and have really been looking forward to make you, now, discover her. Meet the beautiful soul, ANNEGA!

| Hello Anne-Gaëlle, so tell our followers a bit about you! Who is ANNEGA?

First of all because my friends and close-ones often call me “AnneGa”, it therefore became my shortened stage name. And briefly said, I can describe myself as being someone who is an art passionate, whatever the form it may be in!

| Briefly describe what music means to you.

Music lets me express some emotions and feelings that can’t get out on paper or that I can’t describe in words. If I can’t say it, I’ll sing it!

| How did it all start?

I love reading! It has not always been the case but growing-up, I was more and more indulging into this feeling of satisfying certain needs that reading could only do! It’s like a breath of fresh air! Then going forward in life, I realized over the years, that at some point writing gave me an immense sense of freedom. I write poetry but also anything and everything and recently I started working a whole lot more on writing my own songs.

| When did you start singing?

I started singing at a very young age. Thanks to my parents who have always encouraged us, my brothers and I have always been doing what made us happy at heart. From back then, I quickly became more and more interested in music and the rest followed as a ready-made work of destiny.

| What or who pushed you into becoming a singer? Any main musical influences, favourite artists or bands?

I am only going to mention names like Adele, Amy Winehouse and so on but my biggest inspiration recently stays Coldplay.

| Pop-soul right? How did you develop your own style of music? Can you tell us a bit more about the genre in itself?

Well, I say that I do pop-soul but I really have no idea how to define the art that we produce, Cédric and I. A little bit of pop here, a little bit of soul there for our re-interpretations, it’s more about the type of music that comes from the heart! We are very versatile and opened to any other style, as long as we keep our signature.

| Could you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with Kabann? When did it start, how, etc.?

My collaboration with Kabann began about two years ago. I took some time before walking down along my music career path because to be honest, although being something I very much and always cherished, music was not an integral part of my life yet. And joining Kabann, meant becoming a full-fledged artist, which I was not really sure about. But once I gave in to it, the concerts went on and on and finally I never had to make the choice. I was already in, living a life I wouldn’t have even dreamt of!

| What would your dream collaboration be locally and internationally speaking?

I remain open to any proposals for collaboration, of course. There is so much to share. But if I had to choose, I would say Hans Nayna or Patyatann.

Internationally, the DREAM, THE BIG DREAM, would be to make a small appearance on stage with Coldplay. They are so amazing and it would be crazy to live that. An experience of a lifetime, I would call it!

| What can we expect from an ANNEGA live show?

You can expect a lot of screaming and a little touch of magic.

| What’s your actual local favourite venue to play in?

I can play and sing anywhere, anytime, in front of anybody, giving the best that i have, as long as the mood and vibes are at it’s crescendo!

| And if you were given the chance to perform in one of your dream venues, from around the world, which one would you pick and why?

Well primarily, I would have easily gone for a very chill-like terrace or rooftop, open space preferably, with lovely blossom flowers, all blue-ish, red-ish and yellow-ish as for the deco! Keep it simple! But a beautiful European city, maybe Amsterdam or Venice for its warmth, would be amazing though. There’s this lovely option and then there’s le Stade de France of course!

| Apart from music of course, do you have any other hobbies maybe?

I have as a hobby to cherish the people I love, to look out for more books to read and songs to listen to. All in all, for the utmost discovery of myself! It’s not a hobby though, rather a full time 7/7 job. 

| There are many groups, young talents, duos out there who would love to be in your shoes. What would be your message to them?

I would tell them to not go ahead with this dream, unless it brings them joy and happiness. Unless they are ready for it. Unless they love it “enough” to eat the crap that comes with it! And God knows there is!

| Any last words you’d like to share with our readers before signing off?

I’d say Cheers. I’ll see you soon world.

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Getting to Know|Kevin Mackay


You don’t come across people like Kevin Mackay often. A man with a passion for life and the stage, this young visual arts teacher is one of our most in-demand artists at Kabann, and once you’ve been to one of his live shows, it’s easy to see why. His performances are infectious, and his vast and eclectic repertoire means there’s a little something for anyone who comes to the show. We sit down with the talented musician to discuss his influences, his collaboration with Kabann, football and a possible future album.

Let’s get the obvious questions out of the way, when did you start playing music?

Kevin Mackay: I started at 16. My sister had signed up for guitar lessons, and whenever she wasn’t around, I’d take the guitar, go on Youtube and try to learn a few songs. Some people will tell you that 16 is late to start playing an instrument, but, memorizing the melodies came naturally to me. It’s a god-given talent I’m grateful for.

Ok, so what’s the first song you learned to play and sing?

KM: I’m yours by Jason Mraz. I love that song; it’s got that positive vibe you know, and my interpretation of the lyrics is that it’s an ode to god. So I wanted to learn that one first.

You come across as being very religious…

KM: Yes. I thank god for everything I do. I even start some of my shows by singing church songs. I get a few raised eyebrows at the start, but eventually, the crowds get really into it.

That’s a unique way to start a set! Speaking of live shows, could you tell me more about how your collaboration with Kabann started?

KM: They spotted me at Porlwi by Light. I was playing at the Happy World House, and Kabann founder Cedric Cartier approached me after the show. He said he liked what I was doing and asked me if I was interested in joining. I said yes, played my first show for them at the RIU hotel, the crowd loved it, and I’ve been with them ever since.

| What’s your favorite venue to play in?

KM: Again, RIU Hotel. The guests always love what I do, and it’s the place where I’ve done some of my best performances. The audience gets involved. They sing and dance, and at the end of shows, I even get standing ovations. I feel loved there!!

| We’re glad you enjoy it that much. But, is there a dream venue where you’d eventually love to play?

KM: Hmmm. No, not really. The place is not important to me. As long as I bring joy to people, I’m fine. That’s one of the things I love about playing for Kabann. They give me the opportunity to play in so many places and share my music with people from all around the world. It’s a great way for me to do what I love.

So what can we expect from a Kevin MacKay live show?

KM: To see the true colors of my soul… I love music, and I make sure my passion comes across when I play, whatever genre that is. Music is a universal language, so whether it’s Chinese, Indian, Western or whatever… I’ll play it and share an incredible moment with the crowd.

 That’s a wide variety of influences. Earlier on you were talking about Jason Mraz and your love for his music. Would you consider him an influence too?

KM: I have so many!! but yes, if I had to draw a parallel between an international artist and myself, I’d say it would be like Jason Mraz or Ed Sheeran perhaps. But it’s not limited to that. I love diversity, and I try to bring different musical styles into what I do, stuff like Kaya and Cassiya for example.

Yes, Kaya and Cassiya are legends on the local scene. Is there anyone new with the potential to influence local music as they have?

KM: I think that guys like Lin and The Prophecy are worth a listen. But to be honest, I always go back to my classics like Kaya or Nitish Joghana (Latanier) not only because the music is good, but because the message in their lyrics is powerful and still relevant to Mauritian society.

| That’s interesting. You haven’t created an album yet, but if you did, would it be more focused on delivering a message or making people dance?

KM: Everyone is asking me to do one, so I guess it’s high time I take out my pen and my writing pad! But no, I haven’t created anything musically yet. I know it will happen eventually and that one day the inspiration will come to me, but for now, I’ve got too much on my plate to set aside time to create. When I do though, I’d like my music to educate people and bring change. I’m a teacher after all, and I think that music is the best way to make a message come across. You can sit someone down in a room and feed them information, but it won’t be as effective as wrapping it up in a catchy song. But don’t get me wrong, I love making people dance, and I respect artists who focus on that, but I’d like my music to leave its mark.

| Yes, we hear you’re a busy man. So, when you’re not passionate about music or teaching, what else do you do?

KM: I love football. I used to play for the Mauritian National Youth Teams, U12’s, U15’s, U20’s… you name it. I managed to win a gold medal for the CJSOI games (Commission de la Jeunesse et des Sports) and traveled around Africa for various competitions like the COSAFA cup.

| There are many kids out there who would love to be in your shoes, why did you stop?

KM: I didn’t want to go pro. A footballer’s career ends when he’s about 34, and I wanted more of a long-term plan. Athletes don’t get much support in Mauritius so if I got injured or anything like that, there’s no real backup plan that the authorities can offer. But it’s still my passion, and will always be part of my life. In my opinion, sport, music, and education are the three pillars of healthy human being, so even if I’m focused on music right now, I still make sure I get some jogging done every day.

| Ok, back to the music then. What would your dream collaboration be…?

KM: Meeting a girl that’s a musician, marry her and go from being a solo artist to a duo! In the meantime, I’d love to play with someone with a radically different musical background and mixing our styles. Kind of like what Dominique Barret and Meera Mohun did on “Mon Coeur Epris.”

| We wish you luck in finding the future wife then. Any last words you’d like to share with our readers before signing off?

KM: Stay true to yourself in everything you do and give thanks to god.

| Thanks for your time Kevin

KM: Thank you and see you at the show!

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Getting to Know | Stephanie & Pascal Noël

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-21 at 14.56.43
A duo, that’s how they roll… They are the Noëls! Two siblings, who besides sharing the same name also have one thing, amongst so many others, in common; that one thing which makes them so special, so bonded: their passion for music! Today, all relaxed and casual featuring huge genuine smiles, the Kabann team has had the chance, honor and opportunity to catch the both of them out of their busy schedules between their day time jobs and live performances, to have a little heart-to-heart chat, opening up to us for you, greedy readers! Because what happens when two music-craving souls merge, is totally worth sharing! With honey-like pitches, let us, on a sweet note, leave you to discover the beautiful voices and souls of Stephanie and Pascal Noël, the gifted duo of the moment!
| Hello Stephanie and Pascal, so tell our followers a bit about you guys! Who are the Noëls?
Stephanie: Hello to you all, well, first and foremost, we are siblings who share a common passion for music! We have always been very close, playing music at a very young age and discovering ourselves a talent which we wanted to share with the world and thus formed the duo that we are today! And honestly, this is by far the best experience ever to share such a connection with your brother or sister enough to say that we are very lucky to have each other!
| When did you guys start playing music?
Pascal: To be honest and I know this will sound very cliché (Haha), music has always been one of the main parts of our lives, and will most probably stay likewise forever! So much that I don’t exactly recall when was the first time we held our instruments and let our pitches roam freely! As kids we were always fascinated by rhythms and the way – that way – you feel when a good beat was out there! Steph was in a choir and decided to learn to play the guitar while singing and afterwards I joined in and we developed our own acoustic style.
| What’s the first song you learned to play and sing?
Stephanie: Our first song was Meme Si by Gregory Lemarchal & Lucie Silvas! I don’t think I need to elaborate on the reason for the song’s choice after all it’s Gregory Lemarchal!
| Could you tell us more about how your collaboration with Kabann started?
Stephanie: As mentioned before, Pascal and I have discovered our unique duo-abilities and started performing together while fine-tuning and perfecting our own style, being the acoustic! So after teaming up and forming the duo we kept performing non-professionally for a very diversified audience varying from family and friends to the general public even. After some time, a good friend of ours recommended us to attempt a very daring adventure to which, as you can guess, we were a little scared of but still thrilled however! We both decided to give it a go, had a trial and that’s how it all started our adventure with Kabann.
| Any actual favorite venue you love to perform at may be?
Pascal: We sing for the pleasure of it! We love making people happy! And where people are happy, we call it bliss home! And in my opinion, well, I do think Stephanie also shares pretty much the same thoughts, RIU Hotel is a place we feel at home! Different vibes, in a good way of speaking of course, does emanate from the atmosphere and the ambiance is unique at RIU. As the lyrics would read, “something about this place” (Haha)!
| Is there a dream venue where you’d eventually love to play?
Pascal: We always talk about it Stephanie and I but like I said before, as long as the ambiance and good melodious vibes fill the atmosphere, any stage abroad in a big festival or a concert would be our home! We just love the feeling of being on stage!
| What can we expect from a Stephanie and Pascal Noël live show?
Stephanie: Once we are on stage, we just feel this strong rush of adrenaline at the beginning which quickly becomes an undescriptible overwhelming emotion ending up into the both of us giving the best of ourselves! We stay true to ourselves and to our audience radiating positive energy, creating memories, sharing emotions and most importantly delivering the message of the song. Because each song we perform are not just made up of words and instruments it’s all about pouring out every bits and pieces of our very hearts and souls in the songs being performed and communicating with the audience – making them feel it, shivery moments!
| What is your main music influence?
Pascal: Acoustic music. One voice and one instrument can be the means to your heart in my opinion!
| Who do you look up to in terms of a music idol or role model internationally speaking?
Stephanie: Well, that’s a very tricky one (Haha) but Pink & Jessie J, I think, would be the two artists that come up straight to my mind right now! I can easily associate to their styles of singing. Two strong and famous women with such powerful voices who are not afraid to sing their hearts out voicing out their fears, happiness, troubles in life the truth! Witnessing their paths in life I can only come up with two words: Girl Power (Haha)!
Pascal: Ed Sheeran & Tarrus Riley are my two references to look up to – not a single doubt about that! I don’t think I need to say much about and introduce those two! This is the kind of act which always inspired me and still does because when I sing, I not only do it from the bottom of my heart but also in a way to make people smile and maybe even dance to it, ranging from love to rhythmic songs!
| Do you think there is any newbie on the Mauritian platform with the potential in influencing local music as they have?
Pascal: Hands down for both of us, Jason Heerah! I do believe that if you have been following him and listening to his hits lately, let’s admit it…dude’s got a huge…like huge potential and his upbringing is inevitable! Artists like him should be given way more recognition and I am not only speaking at a national level, but more to an international scale also!
| What would your dream collaboration be?
Stephanie: Locally I would say Linzy Bacbotte and internationally Pink!
Pascal: Jason Heerah and I would definitely go for Gentleman. I have to say that I really like their last hit song!
| You haven’t created an album yet, but if you did, would it be more focused on delivering a message or making people dance?
Stephanie: The idea of producing an album has always been flourishing in the back of our minds for a while now. And people around us are very eager indeed showing and giving us all their support! It does take a lot of thinking before one indulges into creating and producing something like an album but if I had to give you an answer right now, we would be more willing to create something with a very soul-captivating message, to deliver very specific messages about good vibes, how life is such a beautiful gift, amongst others!
| Any other hobbies maybe, apart from music of course?
Pascal: Well I like doing sports when I am not singing.
Stephanie: Give me a good book and you won’t hear me for the day…well, unless I have to sing of course (Haha)!
| There are many young talents out there who look up to you. What would be your message to them?
Pascal: Follow your dreams! Never stop believing!
Stephanie: Where there is a will there is a way…So don’t let anyone stop you!
| Any last words you’d like to share with our readers before signing off?
Well, we would love to thank you all for your never-ending support at every stages of our career. The path wasn’t always like a musical comedy but it was very much worth it with you by our sides! So keeping being your amazing selves and always stay positive!
We love you xoxo
Pascal & Steph
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The ELEVEN – Kabann New Concept


This last Sunday 11th of February was a BIG day for KABANN!

As you might have probably heard of it, we have launched our own event concept, ELEVEN! And if not, ELEVEN is the time of the month, where a or several guest artists and 30 selected lucky souls reunite together to rejoice the good and melodious vibes of life in a unique setting bringing together harmony, love, happiness and all those heart-thrilling moments you experience, when in good company, with amazing music playing in the background!

Sunday, for our first gig, we have had the pleasure to treat our guests with EvaD, a gipsy trio who have literally inflamed our beings with their soulful voices in Spanish, French, English and Creole mixed medleys! And from what we have been witnessing, in our own opinion, the event in itself was a real success, with people smiling, an uplifting vibe present that day and most importantly the artists themselves feeling quite comfortable featured by their quite marvellous performance hence making the guests feel at home!

ELEVEN is more of an intimate gathering, the friends-and-family type, rather than a commercial one! Thus we, as the KABANN team, are really looking forward to growing up this concept with you by our side and will host shows with different musicians, music genres, locations, etc., always improving to produce the perfect ambience and experience a private show could offer!

ELEVEN as the name indicates will be held every 11th of the Month. Time, date, location and all the information you need to know about the event will be shared on the invitation card few days before the event.

Ain’t that amazing? From now on we are your next 11th of the month’s plan! So stay tuned and don’t forget to check your inbox!

Eager to see you,

The Kabann Team




Kabann Presents: Private Live Show in Strike City Bagatelle’s Lounge


Kabann is proud to announce a collaboration with Bagatelle Strike City for a brand new concept, the Private Live.

This November, bowling and music fans will be entertained by the one and only Flasbak with Kevin McKay as the opening act.

Limited to 40 guests, the live shows offer a great opportunity to listen to some of the island’s best musicians within Strike City Bagatelle’s intimate Lounge. An exclusive setting where music comes alive.

The dates and times are as follows:


Saturday 25th of November 2017 –

19:30 – 20:30 Kevin Mckay

21:00 – 23:00: Flasbak

Tickets will be sold on a first- come- first- serve basis and will be priced at Rs600 (includes a drink voucher of Rs 200) at the Strike City Bowling Counter.


For more information please call Strike City Bagatelle on: 5943-9000 / 5705-5826

Kabann Recommends: 17 tracks to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Jack o LanternIt’s that time of the year again people, Halloween is nearly upon us. Even if Mauritians don’t go trick or treating or carving Jack-o’-lanterns, that’s no reason not to celebrate!
To help you plan the perfect playlist we’ve concocted a selection of the best Halloween tracks you can find. From the groovy to the downright spooky the following tunes are exactly what you need to create the mood for an evening of light-hearted horror and fright.

1. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

The most obvious choice so let’s get it out of the way. This timeless classic from the King of Pop is hands down THE best way to get your Halloween festivities started.


2. Ray Parker Jr – “Ghost Busters”

Yes, it’s cheesy and yes, if you’ve got anyone under the age of 20 at the party, chances are they’ve never heard of it. Nevertheless, nothing says Halloween quite like calling the Ghostbusters… (and it’s a catchy tune too)


3. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins -“I Put a Spell on You”

Although Nina Simone’s version brings the sexy to the party, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ haunting and guttural vocals are exactly the spells you need to set the tone for the evening.


4. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – “Here be dragons”

If you’re not going for an all out party vibe and are after something more atmospheric, the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble’s sophomore album, “Here be Dragons’”, eerie music and lyrics will fit the bill.


5. Rockwell- “Somebody’s watching me”

Paranoia never sounded so good. With its dark lyrics, classic 80’s dance beat and “Psycho” inspired clip, “Somebody’s watching me” is the perfect Halloween track and it’s even got Michael Jackson doing the vocals on the chorus, so what’s not to love?


6. Gorillaz – “Clint Eastwood”

This track’s spooky baseline would be the perfect theme tune for a zombie invasion, albeit of a cartoon variety. The opening “oh oh oh oh ohh” will set the tone for your Halloween bash.


7. Modern Witch – “Cinema”

Is there any genre more appropriate than Witch House for Halloween? Dark production, occult lyrical themes and band names that come straight from a horror novel, it’s the perfect fit for the night. Duo “Modern Witch” are one of the more recognizable names in the scene and the track “Cinema” reverberates with the kind of impending doom and tension you’re looking for in your Halloween set.


8. Kernkraft 400 – “Zombie Nation”

Zombie Nation, obviously. Any track that mentions the living dead deserves a spot on this list and it’s a club classic too.


9. Gorillaz – “Dracula”

Dub basslines heavier than pasta Carbonara and beer, sound clips of Dracula cackling, and vocalist Damon Albarn singing his adoration for Dracula like an incantation; perfect Halloween vibes.


10. Tyler the Creator – “Yonkers”

Yonkers is a psychotic episode put to music. The track’s claustrophobic beat, along with Tyler the Creator’s violent lyrics and raspy delivery are downright spine-tingling. Also, even though it’s not the kind of track you can dance to, it definitely sets the tone.


11. The Cure – “Lullaby”

This haunting tale of a boogeyman praying on children is one of the Cure’s best tracks.


12. Agar Agar – “I am that Guy”

French Electro-Pop duo Agar Agar is all the hype lately and based on the strength of their first single, Prettiest Virgin, it’s well deserved. But for Halloween, the seven minutes long “I am that guy” is exactly what you’re looking for thanks to vocalist Clara Cappagli’s deadpan delivery and haunting synths.


13. Johnny Hollow – “Devil’s Night”

A song about the Devil knocking on your window in the dead of night. Enough said.


14. Cabaret Nocturne – “Dance or Die”

There’s no lyrical reference whatsoever to ghosts, ghouls or goblins in Cabaret Nocturne’s music, yet this dark electro track’s inspiration speaks for itself.


15. She Wants Revenge – “Tear you apart”

This one is for the Rock fans. “Tear You Apart” made it on the hit TV show “American Horror Story’s” soundtrack, so it’s perfect for our list. Teenage lust never sounded so sinister.


16. Ghost Square – “Square Hammer”

Swedish band Ghost’s playful take on the occult and catchy tunes have made them one of the most recognizable metal acts in recent years. Their single, “Square Hammer,” proves that it is possible to dance to bone-crushing guitar riffs. Who would have thought?



© Copyright 2017 | Article by Kabann