The ELEVEN – Kabann New Concept


This last Sunday 11th of February was a BIG day for KABANN!

As you might have probably heard of it, we have launched our own event concept, ELEVEN! And if not, ELEVEN is the time of the month, where a or several guest artists and 30 selected lucky souls reunite together to rejoice the good and melodious vibes of life in a unique setting bringing together harmony, love, happiness and all those heart-thrilling moments you experience, when in good company, with amazing music playing in the background!

Sunday, for our first gig, we have had the pleasure to treat our guests with EvaD, a gipsy trio who have literally inflamed our beings with their soulful voices in Spanish, French, English and Creole mixed medleys! And from what we have been witnessing, in our own opinion, the event in itself was a real success, with people smiling, an uplifting vibe present that day and most importantly the artists themselves feeling quite comfortable featured by their quite marvellous performance hence making the guests feel at home!

ELEVEN is more of an intimate gathering, the friends-and-family type, rather than a commercial one! Thus we, as the KABANN team, are really looking forward to growing up this concept with you by our side and will host shows with different musicians, music genres, locations, etc., always improving to produce the perfect ambience and experience a private show could offer!

ELEVEN as the name indicates will be held every 11th of the Month. Time, date, location and all the information you need to know about the event will be shared on the invitation card few days before the event.

Ain’t that amazing? From now on we are your next 11th of the month’s plan! So stay tuned and don’t forget to check your inbox!

Eager to see you,

The Kabann Team





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