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A duo, that’s how they roll… They are the Noëls! Two siblings, who besides sharing the same name also have one thing, amongst so many others, in common; that one thing which makes them so special, so bonded: their passion for music! Today, all relaxed and casual featuring huge genuine smiles, the Kabann team has had the chance, honor and opportunity to catch the both of them out of their busy schedules between their day time jobs and live performances, to have a little heart-to-heart chat, opening up to us for you, greedy readers! Because what happens when two music-craving souls merge, is totally worth sharing! With honey-like pitches, let us, on a sweet note, leave you to discover the beautiful voices and souls of Stephanie and Pascal Noël, the gifted duo of the moment!
| Hello Stephanie and Pascal, so tell our followers a bit about you guys! Who are the Noëls?
Stephanie: Hello to you all, well, first and foremost, we are siblings who share a common passion for music! We have always been very close, playing music at a very young age and discovering ourselves a talent which we wanted to share with the world and thus formed the duo that we are today! And honestly, this is by far the best experience ever to share such a connection with your brother or sister enough to say that we are very lucky to have each other!
| When did you guys start playing music?
Pascal: To be honest and I know this will sound very cliché (Haha), music has always been one of the main parts of our lives, and will most probably stay likewise forever! So much that I don’t exactly recall when was the first time we held our instruments and let our pitches roam freely! As kids we were always fascinated by rhythms and the way – that way – you feel when a good beat was out there! Steph was in a choir and decided to learn to play the guitar while singing and afterwards I joined in and we developed our own acoustic style.
| What’s the first song you learned to play and sing?
Stephanie: Our first song was Meme Si by Gregory Lemarchal & Lucie Silvas! I don’t think I need to elaborate on the reason for the song’s choice after all it’s Gregory Lemarchal!
| Could you tell us more about how your collaboration with Kabann started?
Stephanie: As mentioned before, Pascal and I have discovered our unique duo-abilities and started performing together while fine-tuning and perfecting our own style, being the acoustic! So after teaming up and forming the duo we kept performing non-professionally for a very diversified audience varying from family and friends to the general public even. After some time, a good friend of ours recommended us to attempt a very daring adventure to which, as you can guess, we were a little scared of but still thrilled however! We both decided to give it a go, had a trial and that’s how it all started our adventure with Kabann.
| Any actual favorite venue you love to perform at may be?
Pascal: We sing for the pleasure of it! We love making people happy! And where people are happy, we call it bliss home! And in my opinion, well, I do think Stephanie also shares pretty much the same thoughts, RIU Hotel is a place we feel at home! Different vibes, in a good way of speaking of course, does emanate from the atmosphere and the ambiance is unique at RIU. As the lyrics would read, “something about this place” (Haha)!
| Is there a dream venue where you’d eventually love to play?
Pascal: We always talk about it Stephanie and I but like I said before, as long as the ambiance and good melodious vibes fill the atmosphere, any stage abroad in a big festival or a concert would be our home! We just love the feeling of being on stage!
| What can we expect from a Stephanie and Pascal Noël live show?
Stephanie: Once we are on stage, we just feel this strong rush of adrenaline at the beginning which quickly becomes an undescriptible overwhelming emotion ending up into the both of us giving the best of ourselves! We stay true to ourselves and to our audience radiating positive energy, creating memories, sharing emotions and most importantly delivering the message of the song. Because each song we perform are not just made up of words and instruments it’s all about pouring out every bits and pieces of our very hearts and souls in the songs being performed and communicating with the audience – making them feel it, shivery moments!
| What is your main music influence?
Pascal: Acoustic music. One voice and one instrument can be the means to your heart in my opinion!
| Who do you look up to in terms of a music idol or role model internationally speaking?
Stephanie: Well, that’s a very tricky one (Haha) but Pink & Jessie J, I think, would be the two artists that come up straight to my mind right now! I can easily associate to their styles of singing. Two strong and famous women with such powerful voices who are not afraid to sing their hearts out voicing out their fears, happiness, troubles in life the truth! Witnessing their paths in life I can only come up with two words: Girl Power (Haha)!
Pascal: Ed Sheeran & Tarrus Riley are my two references to look up to – not a single doubt about that! I don’t think I need to say much about and introduce those two! This is the kind of act which always inspired me and still does because when I sing, I not only do it from the bottom of my heart but also in a way to make people smile and maybe even dance to it, ranging from love to rhythmic songs!
| Do you think there is any newbie on the Mauritian platform with the potential in influencing local music as they have?
Pascal: Hands down for both of us, Jason Heerah! I do believe that if you have been following him and listening to his hits lately, let’s admit it…dude’s got a huge…like huge potential and his upbringing is inevitable! Artists like him should be given way more recognition and I am not only speaking at a national level, but more to an international scale also!
| What would your dream collaboration be?
Stephanie: Locally I would say Linzy Bacbotte and internationally Pink!
Pascal: Jason Heerah and I would definitely go for Gentleman. I have to say that I really like their last hit song!
| You haven’t created an album yet, but if you did, would it be more focused on delivering a message or making people dance?
Stephanie: The idea of producing an album has always been flourishing in the back of our minds for a while now. And people around us are very eager indeed showing and giving us all their support! It does take a lot of thinking before one indulges into creating and producing something like an album but if I had to give you an answer right now, we would be more willing to create something with a very soul-captivating message, to deliver very specific messages about good vibes, how life is such a beautiful gift, amongst others!
| Any other hobbies maybe, apart from music of course?
Pascal: Well I like doing sports when I am not singing.
Stephanie: Give me a good book and you won’t hear me for the day…well, unless I have to sing of course (Haha)!
| There are many young talents out there who look up to you. What would be your message to them?
Pascal: Follow your dreams! Never stop believing!
Stephanie: Where there is a will there is a way…So don’t let anyone stop you!
| Any last words you’d like to share with our readers before signing off?
Well, we would love to thank you all for your never-ending support at every stages of our career. The path wasn’t always like a musical comedy but it was very much worth it with you by our sides! So keeping being your amazing selves and always stay positive!
We love you xoxo
Pascal & Steph
Follow this link to see their vidéo:

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