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A voice to be remembered in all it’s purity and simplicity, her name is ANNEGA! Born from sweet rhythms with a pinch of symphonies which made our very souls reverberate with happiness, ANNEGA is the core description of an artist who lives for her music and who puts it as a whole to the center of the life, her being! Today, the Kabann team, has had the immense pleasure to have her share a moment with us, which turned out to be just, in one word, deep! From her story to her wisdom, see positive energies and vibes as well as her never-ending genuineness, we were very much blown away by this young woman and have really been looking forward to make you, now, discover her. Meet the beautiful soul, ANNEGA!

| Hello Anne-Gaëlle, so tell our followers a bit about you! Who is ANNEGA?

First of all because my friends and close-ones often call me “AnneGa”, it therefore became my shortened stage name. And briefly said, I can describe myself as being someone who is an art passionate, whatever the form it may be in!

| Briefly describe what music means to you.

Music lets me express some emotions and feelings that can’t get out on paper or that I can’t describe in words. If I can’t say it, I’ll sing it!

| How did it all start?

I love reading! It has not always been the case but growing-up, I was more and more indulging into this feeling of satisfying certain needs that reading could only do! It’s like a breath of fresh air! Then going forward in life, I realized over the years, that at some point writing gave me an immense sense of freedom. I write poetry but also anything and everything and recently I started working a whole lot more on writing my own songs.

| When did you start singing?

I started singing at a very young age. Thanks to my parents who have always encouraged us, my brothers and I have always been doing what made us happy at heart. From back then, I quickly became more and more interested in music and the rest followed as a ready-made work of destiny.

| What or who pushed you into becoming a singer? Any main musical influences, favourite artists or bands?

I am only going to mention names like Adele, Amy Winehouse and so on but my biggest inspiration recently stays Coldplay.

| Pop-soul right? How did you develop your own style of music? Can you tell us a bit more about the genre in itself?

Well, I say that I do pop-soul but I really have no idea how to define the art that we produce, Cédric and I. A little bit of pop here, a little bit of soul there for our re-interpretations, it’s more about the type of music that comes from the heart! We are very versatile and opened to any other style, as long as we keep our signature.

| Could you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with Kabann? When did it start, how, etc.?

My collaboration with Kabann began about two years ago. I took some time before walking down along my music career path because to be honest, although being something I very much and always cherished, music was not an integral part of my life yet. And joining Kabann, meant becoming a full-fledged artist, which I was not really sure about. But once I gave in to it, the concerts went on and on and finally I never had to make the choice. I was already in, living a life I wouldn’t have even dreamt of!

| What would your dream collaboration be locally and internationally speaking?

I remain open to any proposals for collaboration, of course. There is so much to share. But if I had to choose, I would say Hans Nayna or Patyatann.

Internationally, the DREAM, THE BIG DREAM, would be to make a small appearance on stage with Coldplay. They are so amazing and it would be crazy to live that. An experience of a lifetime, I would call it!

| What can we expect from an ANNEGA live show?

You can expect a lot of screaming and a little touch of magic.

| What’s your actual local favourite venue to play in?

I can play and sing anywhere, anytime, in front of anybody, giving the best that i have, as long as the mood and vibes are at it’s crescendo!

| And if you were given the chance to perform in one of your dream venues, from around the world, which one would you pick and why?

Well primarily, I would have easily gone for a very chill-like terrace or rooftop, open space preferably, with lovely blossom flowers, all blue-ish, red-ish and yellow-ish as for the deco! Keep it simple! But a beautiful European city, maybe Amsterdam or Venice for its warmth, would be amazing though. There’s this lovely option and then there’s le Stade de France of course!

| Apart from music of course, do you have any other hobbies maybe?

I have as a hobby to cherish the people I love, to look out for more books to read and songs to listen to. All in all, for the utmost discovery of myself! It’s not a hobby though, rather a full time 7/7 job. 

| There are many groups, young talents, duos out there who would love to be in your shoes. What would be your message to them?

I would tell them to not go ahead with this dream, unless it brings them joy and happiness. Unless they are ready for it. Unless they love it “enough” to eat the crap that comes with it! And God knows there is!

| Any last words you’d like to share with our readers before signing off?

I’d say Cheers. I’ll see you soon world.

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