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It only took 3 breath-taking and talented artists for this gypsy jazz band to quickly make heads turn! From well-known tunes to some of their own compositions, this band is all about making you discover music from another perspective – theirs – all at the same time adding a very merry rhythm to each one of them which you will probably very much fall in love with! “Old but gold” as the famous proverb says it all, they will bring you to relive some of your deepest memories, highly seasoned with sweet delicious warm feelings! Meet JOBALIN!

| Hello guys, so tell our followers a bit about you! Who is JOBALIN?

JOBALIN is a Jazz Manouche trio made up of a Violinist, Noel Malabar but mostly known as Babi, an acoustic guitarist, Linsay Atisse and myself Jocelyn Cartier, an accordionist.

| Why JOBALIN, as a name? What does it stand for?

Jocelyn, Babi and Linsay, hence why the name JO-BA-LIN!

| How did you develop your own style of music? Can you tell us a bit more about the genre in itself?

We have mainly been influenced by Django’s – he was the first to introduce the Gypsy Jazz genre – and Grapelli’s style

| Could you explain to our readers the definition of “Jazz Manouche” or better known as “Gypsy Jazz”?

It’s a very festive and rhythmic style of music which produces an amazingly joyous and vibrant ambiance to those listening to it – especially when it’s played live!

| When and how did the idea of Jobalin came up?

The idea came up about ten months ago or so during a meeting at KABANN! Since then, we kept working on it and here we are today performing for people and having our own concert!

| What or who pushed you in becoming a gypsy jazz band? Any main musical influences, favorite artists or bands?

We have always been very much attracted to, hence why we loved it so much, the Gypsy Jazz genre of music! And since a while ago now, the 3 of us have been listening to French artists like Marcel Azzola, Richard Galliano, amongst others, having been and still being the case, great influencers and inspirations to us, when creating and coming up with new compositions sometimes.

| Could you tell us a bit more about your collaboration with Kabann? When did it start, how, etc.?

I was the first to join the KABANN team, followed by Linsay, 2 years ago, and Jocelyn who joined us very recently, 10 months ago or so, and JOBALIN was thus born.

| What would your dream collaboration be locally and internationally speaking?

Our dream as a band would be to play with or feature other artists, thus promoting the genre, as we can adapt ourselves very well and very quickly to be honest. It’s all about letting the music and rhythms take the lead!

| What can we expect from a Jobalin live show?

As mentioned previously, a more than good vibrant energy on some merry rhythmic music!

| “Music is a universal language!” Being one of the most unique gypsy jazz bands in Mauritius, what audience do you target while playing?

Well…mostly Jazz lovers; especially those who know about the Manouche genre!

| Do you think your music could reach out to the millennials out there?

Of course! Why not? We play for the people. So, the more the merrier!

| What’s your actual local favorite venue to play in?

We currently very much love the ambiance the Riu Hotel has to offer us.

| And if you were given the chance to perform in one of your dream venues, from around the world, which one would you pick and why?

Maybe in France where it all started. But we do have high hopes that one day we will have the chance to be able to represent Mauritius at a Jazz Festival.

| Apart from music of course, do you have any other hobbies maybe?

Sports to keep our bodies alert and Arts to keep our minds fit – and probably because we just simply, love it!

| There are many groups, young talents, duos, bands out there who would love to be in your shoes. What would be your message to them?

There is no secret to success. If you want something badly, work as hard as you can for it! Practice makes perfect – on a daily basis! It’s really satisfying when you reach your goal.

If you love what you do, you won’t find it boring a second. So get at it and keep pushing forward!

| Any last words you’d like to share with our readers before signing off?

Believe in what you do!


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